10 Strategies to Make Your Start-up Dreams Real

April 12, 2015

1. Follow your passion... but don't forget you have to eat too. Listen to the inspiration (Do What You Love and those TedTalks) but be realistic and aim for long term sustainability. Careerly's three components to work you love. 

2. Know yourself. What are your specific learnt skill-sets? Differentiate natural talents from learnt skills. Play to your natural talents and strengths, and create work where you are 'in flow', as opposed to struggling to swim upstream against your competitors. 

3. Young college entrepreneurs: remember It's a long game, and you are at the very start. On the first rung of the ladder. This is a time to experiment, do your research, talk to people (mentors, industry leaders). Try new ideas and types of activities and discover what you are actually good at. 

4. Understand how to talk about your IMPACT on resumes and personal bios. Not descriptions of jobs you've had but what did you accomplish? What value did you add? 

5. Quantify your IMPACT - Show, don't' tell - on resumes, CLs, and LinkedIn profiles. TWO HUNDRED+ examples of this can be found here. 

6.  Create robust LinkedIn (and other social media) profiles. Make sure your profiles are professional, consistent, and keyword SEO driven. For LinkedIn, a powerful summary is critical. 

7. Build presence on and use blogs and networking sites like LInkedIn to look for opportunities - start-up, entrepreneurial, internships, and project works. 

8. Network now! Start building your community of partners, mentors, future investors NOW. It takes time to build strong authentic relationships, which is the base of any good network. Learn how to give to your network, share resources, etc. 

9. Do informational interviews for getting in front of key people. Understand what an informational is - YOU drive the process. Be prepared. Have good questions. Be very careful and intentional in how you write networking emails. 

10. Learn how to Tell Your Story. Nail your Elevator Pitch. (So... "Tell Me About Yourself"). Learn how to present yourself as someone who consistently adds value (has IMPACT) wherever you go, whatever you do.  See #4 and #5 above. 

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