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Hira Fernando

Citi / Merrill Lynch / World Bank / Gartner

Finance / Consulting / Idev / Management / EdTech 

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Naveen Ravishankar

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Tech Consulting / Tech / Product Mgmt / FinTech

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Michelle Lee

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Corp Finance / Idev / Project Finance 

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Sreekanth Velapandia

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Tech / Tech Consulting / Big Data / IT 

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Elegant Female

Cindy Huang

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Education / EdTech / Early Learning / Non-profit

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How We Help You

International students face unique challenges with work authorization, employer sponsorship, and cultural and language barriers. We provide unique resources to overcome these barriers and successfully land your dream job!

Work Authorization

& H1-B Expertise

We've been there.

We have 31 coaches globally; they work at your favorite firms and they beat out the competition to successfully land these roles, and therefore are well-versed in what's needed to get you there.

Language and Culture

We get it.

We get it, you're on the move, So, wherever you are, we're there. Home or campus, airport or cafe, at the beach or up a mountain, if you have an internet connection, we can coach!

Companies Hiring Int'l Students

We have access.

We have worked with top universities for half a decade. Almost 5000+ candidates have gone through us. Our university partners, coaching peers, and students give us consistent 4/5 and 5/5 ratings.

“He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



We are in the process of translating this site so you can easily toggle between English and Mandarin using the toggle button in the header!

If These Are Your Worries

We hear you. We've been there. And we have a plan to help you.

Who's Hiring?

It's not clear to me which companies are sponsoring

That's the big question and should underpin your job search strategy. Ww take a bottom up, "let's hit the groud approach."  We are constantly asking and documenting and updating which compnaies are hiring. And which industries are the most friendly to intetnational students.

What's the Process?

It's not clear to me how U.S. work authorization works. 

It's complex to say the leastP: CPT, OPT, EAD card, H1-B application, what to do if not picked on first try, firm policies on internatioal hiring, federal (USCIS) regulations on foreign workers and students. And it is your responsibility to stay informed and updated. Luckily we are there.

Why Do I Feel Overwhelmed?

Nothing is clear to me. And I'm not getting anywhere.

Because you are trying to clear a pretty daunting hurdle with very little support. Because it's isolating; no one really opens up and shares that they too feel like crying. Because you are far from home and the food is strange and you miss mom. Yes, we've been there.

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