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There are a handful of people who'll have a real impact on your life. and for me, Ms. Hira Fernando, is one of them. I first got to work with Hira through my MBA career office. She helped boost my confidence so much!! Later, Careerly connected me with its strong network in Finance - specifically, I was interested in Asset Management and Project Finance. I spoke with two individuals, both senior level management, one Head of Product at one of the largest Asset Managers in the United States. Read More >

Student Feedback

These are from students at the Universities we serve. We have mentioned the university or degree program where we are permitted to do so.


Dear Hira, I was offered the bank internship!  Shortly thereafter, I also got an offer from BMW. It was a tough choice, but the choice of two offers from such good firms was largely thanks to your very thorough preparation and knowing what these firms were looking for. It was a major factor in the fact that I did well. Thank you!

Nathan Christ, MA European Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

“Careerly gave me tons of fresh ways to approach the job search. And as an international students. how to really have confidence in the skill set we bring to table instead of focusing on the obstacles.I start my new job shortly and feel like am on top of te world! position I’m in now without especially Hira's  amazing support and strategic guidance.

Pooja Poddar, MBA, Georgetown's McDonoough School of Business

Thanks so much!! All your information really helped and I felt so confident in my interviews. I got through all three rounds - the behaviors were key. So thank you, not only for the great videos but also for the final one-on-one mock interview practice. I got a call about 25 minutes after from HR and the Regional Marketing Director, offering me the job. Thank you to Seema and the Careerly team. You guys are great!"

Nichole Appelet, BSBA, Busch School of Business, Catholic University

After going through a frustrating first year in a specialized Masters in Finance program (I applied to 200 jobs but heard nothing back!), I needed a fresh start. It was perfect timing because my professors had just brought on Careerly. Their team - Olivier and Hira -  helped me quickly figure out that given my data and quant heavy classes, I should apply for data analyst type roles. They then worked with me on my resume, LinkedIn and a Projects Page highlighting my technical skills. With this carefully executed new positioning. and some great networking tips, I got two job offers within 14 days.

Sarah Johnson, Dept of Finance, Johns Hopkins University

Embarking on the Start-Up journey was really scary, but thank goodness our  MBA Career Office offers great support. One of them was Hira, who as my career coach, deftly brought together on one piece of paper all the resources McDonough has for students pursing  entrepreneurship -  the Club, the Hoya Start-up community, and a couple of great elective classes. Additionally I used Hira’s own external platform (Careerly, also a start-up!) that helps students connect with industry mentors. They have two coaches in start-ups (ApZen and MM Fleur). they both did an outstanding job guiding me. A big thing for me was that these guys had gone through similar decision making process, and were now living the excitement and challenges of working in this space. I was very impressed with their knowledge and kindness. I got a summer internship with Prodigy Finance a fin-tech start up in New York City,  and just wrapped up a fabulous summer in NYC!

Rohan Hari, MBA, Geogetown University McDocough School of Business 

Thank you so much for helping me put my resume together, for doing the mock interview with me and so much more. You were really helpful and I really appreciate everything.

Narishmha Rigaud

Hi Team: I accepted a customer care rep position with Anthem, Inc. Health Insurance and I hope to grow and work my way up! Thank you so much for all your help with my job search. If I hadn't gone in to see you I would have struggled with the whole process. I hope you're enjoying the summer!

Dennis Marsh

Hi Seema,  I was about to email you with the news!! I took a position with the ImmixGroup as an Account Manager and I start June 6th!! On a separate note, they were very impressed with my resume and I want to credit you with that. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me; I am beyond thankful for it! I was much more confident going into all my interviews knowing I had a great resume and having practiced questions with you. Have a great week and hope to see you before graduation!

Courtney Burke

My appointment with Seems was really great; very helpful. I believe that we as students can benefit so much with this service. I give Seema a 10/10 for her expertise and helpfulness.

Nestor Lizama

Hi Seema: I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I got the job at The Hill as a Business Development Associate. Today is my first day and I wanted to express my gratitude to you for all of the help you've given me throughout this process. Thank you for everything!!

Zach Malone

  • Thank you so much for the help, I found our Skype meeting very productive! The guidance was detailed, thorough, and specific, unlike the usual generalized stuff we are told that we already know. 

Beau Hogan

Just wanted to thank Hira Fernando for all your interview guidance. I have learned a lot from you. I have gained employment with a great company due to your coaching.  Your an awesome coach keep up the great work!!!!!

Eduardo Diaz

I GOT THE JOB!!!! I went in yesterday to meet with the CEO and EVP shortly and they told me there were 44 applicants, 10 moved on to the panel interview, and I was the finalist. When I checked my email last night after work, they gave me the news. I should get a formal offer letter from HR soon, according to my point of contact. I am SO EXCITED! I know you have been working remotely, otherwise I would send you a personal hand-written thank you, so an email will have to suffice (for now) to thank you so very much for your continued support! I am in complete awe that I have been able to land my dream job and I really don't think I could have kept up my confidence or had as strong of a resume without you. THANK YOU! (Elizabeth Sheehan)

Elizabeth Sheehan


University Feedback


These are from Career Services Office and Program Office Staff at the Universities we had contracts with


The Catholic University of America

Busch School of Business

Careerly has worked with the Busch School of Business (formally SBS) from the very beginning of our life. We were fortunate to have them as our key career partner throughout our journey. Together, we have achieved outstanding results. Our BSBA program grown has grown and quite literally doubled in size over the 4 years of our partnership, and our placement rate today is a solid 95% at the 6-month mark. The key things I would highlight about Careerly's success (which hugely contributed to our success) are: 1) a solid highly credentialed team of coaches, led by Ms Fernando, that commanded the respect of the students;  2) Ms Fernando's experience and leadership in her advisory role to the School, which I leveraged to build and develop our programming, and 3) Careerly's logistical set-up saved us a lot of time and headaches. they were able to give us 4 full days of coaching appointments...I appreciated the significant capacity, availability, and flexibility. Our students felt they could always count on us thanks to Careerly.

Marykate Kelly, Director of Career Development


Georgetown University

McDonough School of Business

Ms. Hira Fernando has worked extensively with the McDonough School of Business Career Services team since Fall 2013, and has been instrumental on two fronts. One, her financial services, Wall Street, and World Bank industry experience has been a major help to our students recruiting into these and related roles. Two, due to her extensive experience with the U.S. work authorization (especially the H1-B) process, Hira has been a steadfast support to our international students; a priority that the university takes seriously. I have personally witnessed her dedication to international students, fielding calls and interview coaching at all hours. She has proposed several creative solutions, including a platform for getting more students connected with more industry experts. I have always found it useful to get her insights. Careerly has its ear very close to the ground due to its coaches' affinity with students across several Universities.

Prashant Malaviya, Dean, MBA Program

UVA Darden.png

University of Virginia

Darden School of Business

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration that solves a challenge. We brought in Careerly late in the Fall semester for the final and heaviest weeks of Consulting recruiting. The Case Interview Prep coaches we worked with were outstanding and stepped in deftly to coach both First Year and Second Year MBAs, delivering some 50+ cases in a short few weeks. They received some of the best feedback that students have given to an external resource. And Darden students are a tough bunch! Many are interviewing for MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) and are already at an advanced level. If you have budget, consider bringing Careerly in for specialized assignments like case interviews or live video. They'll do a very solid job.

Jeff Leopold, former Assistant Dean, Career Development, Darden School of Business.


GWU Elliot School

Hira spoke at our Career Cafe in May 2018, right around graduation. She's a fabulous speaker, and especially at this tricky time when soon-to-be graduates are both excited and nervous. Hira is empathetic, relatable, and knows how to reassure anxious students. She was a big hit with international students. Careerly is undeniably ahead of the curve on the topic of work authorization but Hira herself she also speaks from the heart.on this issue. She's excellent at tying things to her own experience as an F-1 international student and savvy at coaching international students on how they should approach employers. 
We had a chance to sit down with Founder and CEO, Hira Fernando at the end do a Q&A for the benefit of the wider GWU community. That video is here; thank you Hira! 

Jim Wilde, Director of Graduate Student Services

Binge Watching Careerly

These are from viewers, followers, and fans who regularly watch our social media channels, video content, and live-streaming events.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about...

I have been a constant viewer of Careerly videos, and it has helped a lot, especially during the interview times. I would recommend these videos to anyone who is looking for a job change or needs interview coaching.

Ciao Hira ... read your articles on the Wharton Blog Network and been watching your channel. Brilliant inspiration and what an amazing perspective for job seekers!!! It's so clear how much you care about people's success, and what you do to build their confidence. I only wish you had given me this kind of advice while we were in Philly! 

Questions like "Why do you want this job?" can be tricky." Careerly answers it very well and in simple language.  In comparison to other career videos, overall Careerly is very good at breaking things down and explains what's behind these questions.

I am grateful for your videos. Once I view them, I feel more comfortable answering the questions!

Great tips, I am very grateful for your videos.

Hi Hira, I love all your videos, very inspiring. The subscription was worth it- so much information. GOOD WORK!!

Getting a lot from your videos... you do a Great job teaching. And the content is very good. How can I schedule individual coaching?

Your videos are super helpful, thank you so much! This is advice that is more sophisticated than what else I see out there. Clearly, you are very knowledgeable in this area but the most noticeable thing in all your work is that you are real HIRA. For me, that is precious

l would like to express my sincere thank you for your videos.I have seen lots of videos regarding interview tips and technique, however; your videos were extremely useful.My background is nursing, and I approached your videos to attended a managerial post interview in one of the reputed hospital in the UK.It is amazing to say, I have been selected and awaiting to join.I knew your interview videos were not focused on nursing candidates. But it was appretiating that I was able to relate and restructure my answers during my preparation for the interview . I am just wondering if you could do some videos directly related to nursing based interviews, which would be helpful for the nursing population out there (Just a suggestion).Keep up the good work. Merlin Peter, UK.

Dear Hira,
I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to you for sharing your videos on YouTube.  I had an interview scheduled on Thursday last week and was offered my dream job on Friday. Until a day before my interview, I was so lost about the questions that I maybe asked and how will I answer them? There were 17 competitive applicants and I thought, I will not hold a chance.
From your videos, I learnt to connect the dots between job competencies and my experience, education and skill sets. I prepared lots of stories using SAR methods to backup my answers. Since, this was the job I really wanted, I had already met with the exiting employee to get more insight into the job. I wanted to stand out in the interview so I researched on where the gaps are in the existing healthcare system (backed up my answers with data as you suggested), and came up with innovative solution such as the use of technology to fill the gaps. Once, again your coaching in your videos gave me a lot of confidence and helped me land on my dream job.All the best in all your endeavors! Best regards, Shabana

Hi Careerly Team, 
Your interview questions videos on Youtube are one of the best ways to prepare for interviews. It has really helped me to understand and strengthen my chance of getting selected in an interview.  Also, Hira is just amazing in her interview videos. She is doing a fab job!!! 

Thank you for your videos, which helped me to crack the interview. When I was searching for interview preparation videos, I came across your site, which really helped me. Previously, I go through the interview process but would lost the job at the Personal Interview round. Your videos vested the confidence in me .After cracking the interview, It boosted my confidence and now I can crack any interview! I appreciate your work.I t would be my privilege,if I could be any help for you.

just wanted to thank you for your videos offering interview advice. I think I watched them all in preparation for a number of interviews for doctoral programs in counseling psychology. I have received 3 offers so far!  I found your videos were incredibly helpful (especially the TMAY one!) even though I was interviewing for academic positions. It was also very helpful for me, personally, to learn these things from a woman of color. As an Asian woman, it is really inspiring to see a well-spoken, intelligent, woman of color in the professional world. I wish I saw more of us! Sorry for the poorly written email but I'm in a bit of a rush. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude.

Hi Hira
I am writing to you from Sydney, Australia. I got a chance to see some of the Careerly videos about how to prepare for job interviews through a friend who's a student at one of the universities you work with. I liked your videos very much. Thank you for what you are doing.

"I got the Job!!"

Music to our ears. Everytime.

HIRA! Just wanted to let you know that I GOT THE JOB! And I followed your salary negotiation tips and they offered me the position at 20% more than the initial amount!  Thank you so much for all your guidance! Couldn't have gotten through this process without you.

 Alexandra Alvarado

Hi Hira, I wanted to write in personally to let you know that I watched many of your videos before my interview and learned a lot- wow!  And guess what?? I got my dream job!! Thank you so much. You rock!!  I would recommend Hira as the best resource I have come across.

Ben Davdison

Wow! Thanks so much!! All this information really helped and I felt so confident in my interviews. I finished all three interviews at 11:30 and I got a call about 25 minutes after from HR asking if I could do a 3rd phone interview on Tuesday with the regional marketing director. That's a really good sign right? I'm so excited!!

Nicole Appet



There are from clients doing major career switches or life changes; they are upstream in the clarification process and have multiple moving variables to figure out, not just their next job.

BIll Briggs, Politcal Consultant

I made very solid progress in my personal development and career goals during the time I worked with Hiranya. I appreciated her methodical approach, the list of action items each week, and her drilling into my head how important it was to keep taking even tiny actions every day and creating a forward momentum. Every day I woke up with a clearer understanding of what needs to be done, and then taking action to get it done.”

Chris Fitzgerald, Finance Manager

“What was the most useful was Hiranya picking up on emotional cues I wasn’t articulating, and pushing me to address these. Effective coaching stirs things up. If you are the only standard by which you measure progress, you will never improve. It’s why I hired Hiranya and why I respect her so much. Behind that great smile is a formidable will and intellect. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to grow in their personal and professional life.”

Nki Gomez, MIT Fellow

“Hira’s approach used worksheets and assignments between sessions. Her analysis of all the moving parts was phenomenal. She organized everything in my life into 4 key buckets. We ‘bucketed’ all my time and added goals and weekly milestones for each. If Malcolm Gladwell’s approach is that spending X hours on a thing makes you an expert at it, Hira’s theory is, spending X hours on a thing takes you to a new place, reduces fear, and transforms you in unimaginable ways.