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The biggest thing in recruiting today.

What Is It?

The Portfolio Site is a website - your website - which contains all your information, including media files, audio, and video in one place. 

Recent Trends

We added Portfolio Sites as an offering in September 2018, and it's grown to be one of the most demanded services. Follows a current trend in online applications to request a link to"your website" along with the usual trifecta of resume, cover letter, LI Profile.

The Advantage

Still, PSs are not at mass adoption. Most job seekers, career changers, and people seeking to progress in their current jobs are all keen to build their profile, expert status, and professional footprint, Yet, they are not taking advantage of this relatively easy yet incredibly effective tool.

Easy Play, Big Payoff

Portfolio Sites are not difficult to create. What's difficult is your pitch, the messaging, and the arch of your story. Think of it as a 21stC Resume but more comprehensive in showcasing the full depth & breadth of who you are and what you can do for an employer or client.

How It Works.

Portfolio Sites Gallery

We have done a variety of portfolio sites that did their job: increased calls for interviews, and better interview results from having already established a good narrative.  Below are some examples of our work - take a look, and get in touch to learn more!


We'll design and create content for a site that will differentiate you in a crowded market. In one swoop we show off your experience, technical prowess, and creative skills.


We will craft your story in the most attractive way for your audience or "customer" segments: future employers,  clients, and networking opps.


We'll make sure that the intended audience will be curious about you and want to meet you! We'll  drive up leads and invitations to meet, chat, grab coffee, and interview.


After recruiting is done and you have your dream job, you keep your site and build on it as a subject matter expert in your field and/or use it as a tool for ongoing biz dev purposes.   

Int'l Development Specialist with USAID Contract Implementation & Field Experience Seeking New Opps.

MBA With Engineering and Tech Background Looking for Product Marketing or Management Roles.

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