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The Portfolio Site is a personal website designed specifically to showcase you as an expert in your field, highlighting projects, sample work, and core competencies using media files, audio, and video.

Portfolio Sites

The Portfolio Site is a popular trend in general but it works best for expeienced professionals with long lists of accomplishments and projects behind them or those in lines of work that feature "portfolios": branding, marketing, interior design, architecture etc.

Creates an edge

Current trends in online applications often request a link to "your website" along with the usual resume, cover letter, and LI Profile pieces. Applicants are also looking at ways to stand out or go the extra mile in a crowded market. 

Low cost

This tool is relatively low cost ompared to the high impact + potential big payoff in landing your dream job.  Even if you don't need it to get the job, you'll negotiate a much better offer with all the value you bring clearly on the table.

Easy Play, Big Payoff

The secret to a great portfolio site is getting the messaging right. This includes the overall pitch, the arch of your story, and the full depth and breadth of who you are and what you can do for an employer or client.

How It Works


We'll design and create content for a site that will differentiate you in a crowded market. In one swoop we show off your experience, technical prowess, and creative skills.


We will craft your story in the most attractive way for your audience or "customer" segments: future employers,  clients, and networking opps.


We'll make sure that the intended audience will be curious about you and want to meet you! We'll  drive up leads and invitations to meet, chat, grab coffee, and interview.


After recruiting is done and you have your dream job, you keep your site and build on it as a subject matter expert in your field and/or use it as a tool for ongoing biz dev purposes.   

Portfolio Sites Gallery

We have done a variety of portfolio sites that did their job: increased calls for interviews, and better interview results from having already established a good narrative.  Below are some examples of our work - take a look, and get in touch to learn more!

MBA With Engineering and Tech Background Looking for Product Marketing or Management Roles.

Int'l Development Specialist with USAID Contract Implementation & Field Experience Seeking New Opps.

Thelan USA

Thelan USA is the expert in federal program management - strategy & planning, IT management, technical professional services - and with Careerly's addition to the family - human capital management, learning and development (L&D), and job skills training. 

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