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Careerly offers four products at a differentiated and affordable value: individual coaching, group workshops, downloadable career docs, and free youtube videos. Read more about each and click through to booking!

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The grind of job applications, the thoroughness required, the industry expertise that's so critical... this is our wheelhouse. We will do a couple of versions of your resumes, cover letters, Linkedin profile and summary, and full interview prep. We are there throughout the whlole process. Our work has helped many a candidate land their dream job.


We do stand-alone workshops, larger career events, and full career programming. CAREERx TALKS - a full schedule of 12 career sessions - has been deployed for corporate L&D programs, alumni clubs, and associations. CAREERx is a great way to benefit from the Careerly way - strong content, industry-driven, meticulous - without busting the bank! .


Everyone has templates but do they have templates for your industry? An investment banking resume is not the same as a consulting resume. And should one even use the traditional cover letter for tech firms? It depends. Too many candidates fail for the very simple reason that they're not playing by a particular industry's norms and standards.

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Our Youtube channel is our most famous offering thanks to the origin story of Founder, Hira Fernando, who back in 2013 made videos on the fly for her students during a snowstorm. Here we are 40K subscribers and 5.3 million views later! Check out the hundreds of testimonials of fans saying "I binge-watched your videos and got the job!"

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Dear Hira, I was offered the investment banking internship! I also got an offer from BMW. It was a tough choice, but getting two offers from such good firms is thanks to your thorough preparation and knowing what these firms were looking for. It was a major factor in why I did well. Thank you!

Nathan Christ, MA European Studies, School of Foreign Service,

Georgetown University

After going through a frustrating job search in a specialized Masters in Finance program (I applied to 200 jobs but heard nothing back!), I needed a fresh start. It was perfect timing because my professors had just brought on Careerly. Olivier and Hira helped me quickly figure out that given my data and quant heavy classes, I should apply for data analyst type roles. They then reworked my resume, LinkedIn and a Projects Page highlighting my technical and data-related skills. With this new positioning. and some great networking tips, I got two job offers within 17 days.


Sarah Johnson, Dept of Finance, Johns Hopkins University