Mission & Ethics Code

Our Ethics Code is a part of our business model.


We believe that people should be paid. Unpaid labor skews the labor market and ultimately negatively affects everyone's market value and contribution. A group that is especially impacted is students, recent graduates, and most millennials, who are already burdened with student debt.

The principal of no unpaid labor and other guidelines around prioritizing the needs of students and candidates over more powerful groups in the equation (universities, employers) form the basis of our Mission and Ethics Code.

Mission & Ethics Code

Our mission is to help job candidates and be an advocate for them in the process of finding employment - no matter where they are located, what school or university they went to, or what their background is. Our Ethics Code is an integral part of our business model, along with a direct industry link, i.e. structured career support by and access to the people that have the jobs students want.


We want to ensure that you have access to the most timely and relevant career information for your specific vertical, from the people currently employed in those verticals. Access is everything! Real opportunities - jobs, internships, part-time work, entrepreneurial projects - are almost always found through networks. We believe career education and jobs skills training sit squarely within education. Education is the basis for a bright future whether you are a person, or an entire country. Therefore we take our work very seriously, and recognize our responsibility to students and parents.


We want to thank our past and current University partners for giving us the tremendous opportunity to work with your students - where would we be without you? We believe we can scale and do a much better job on behalf of student communities if we continue to add these partnerships, and collaborate on a common goal. Careerly's new platform has made made it extremely easy for Universities to leverage us leading to increased student satisfaction, higher placement rates, happy alumni, and eventually more revenue. Students (and/or their parents) pay close to half a million dollars for a college degree. MBAs and Masters students pay, on average, an additional $150,000. Think of it this way, if a student spent even 0.5% of what they already paid in tuition to go to a reputable and cost-effective resource like Careerly… now that would be ethical and good for business.


We value you, ultimately, as the Big Prize. Our goal is not to charge you and sell our student data to you. Rather we invite you to join Careerly Networks for FREE and be a part of our community. The students want you. We want you, the endgame for everyone is you. That is why our platform is FREE for you. You can access our students and engage with them from anywhere in the world. If you have a job posting, internship, special project or an associate programs, Careerly will work with you to find suitable candidates. Remember, we are not a searchable database of millions of unknown faces; we know our students, because we coach them

Careerly CEO and Founder, Ms. Hira Fernando, is a proud Wharton alum (WG04) and runs the Career Mentor Initiative for Wharton Alumni. She was also a recent guest on Career Talks hosted by Dr. Dawn Graham for Wharton Business Radio. Meanwhile, Hira's a featured writer for Wharton Magazine since 2014.